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At Taribo (NIS Ltd) we understand that your server is an integral part of your business. If the server isn't working correctly, the impact on your Business Operations, Network Systems, Computer Infrastructure and company time can be very disruptive.


Our experts at Taribo (NIS Ltd) understand the issues that individual businesses require from their server.
Our Taribo (NIS Ltd) Technical Staff are experts with Microsoft's Server Operating systems.


These may be normal server operating systems or the Small Business Server range of operating systems. Microsoft's Small Business Server Operating system is quite simply a fantastic product for all organisations of up to 75 members of staff.
It is a recommended server product because so many free and useful software packages are included with the product when purchased.


A feature list is below of facilities available for your business when having your own server, including a list with description of commonly used add on components.


Having a Microsoft Server / Small Business Server can provide the following business benefits:

  1. The ability to work from home, connected to the office network via VPN.
  2. The ability to collect and view your existing emails from any internet workstation anywhere in the world.
  3. A proxy server could be implemented to protect business workstations from RAW internet access. (Proxy controlled internet access can set time limits, site categories and monitor usage to logs).
  4. DHCP & DNS (An Automatic workstation numbering system) could be implemented thus making it easier to add, remove and manage business workstations, including roaming or business laptops.
  5. A Centralized data storage area , this would make it easier for workgroups to share data amongst each other.
  6. Restricted File storage areas can provide additional data security, which can be used to either allow or deny users access to files. Files and Folder can be set so that they can either accessed or hidden, for example some work can be viewable by all, but modifiable by a selection.
  7. Printer sharing can be controlled from the server. Fast, modern and economical to run units can be used to save money in the long run and provide more desk space in areas where every member of staff have their own units on their desks.
  8. Public folders, can be used for sharing Email, calendars and contacts.
  9. Microsoft Exchange will give the option for members of staff to share or access each other’s mailboxes and calendars.
  10. Out of Office can easily be switched on and off via MS Outlook.
  11. Centralized virus protection and licensing and deployment control from server to workstations.
  12. Smartphone, PDA, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook and Andriod Tablet Support.


A server is usually a PC based machine in a purpose built chassis that is designed to stay switched on 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. The server has superior power supplies, cooling and motherboards that can take much higher capacities of RAM and finally can house many hard disks.


Proper Server operating systems, such as Microsoft Small Business Server and certain Server chassis can provide Hard disk resilience which is recommended when choosing a new server, so that if a hard disk fails in the server during its lifetime, then no systems will go down, and no data will be lost. The failed disk will simply require replacing and rebuilding to re-join the disk redundancy set.



A UPS, Uninterruptable Power Supply is a battery backup device and electrical voltage surge suppressor capable of keeping the server up for approximately 20 to 40 minutes in the event of a power failure, with the ability to shut down the server operating system safely in the last few minutes of battery power.



Once a new server is implemented.
It is recommended that the email collection role is transferred to the Server.
It is also recommended that any other important data, such as individual members of staffs emails and my documents business data are also transferred to the fileserver.



The Fileserver shall be equipped with a modern tape backup device.
Backup software will be installed on the server, to automate and manage all tape backups and a daily schedule shall be implemented to backup all business data.


On line backups can be arranged to backup company data to remote storage areas.


Anti-virus & Anti Spam & Anti Spyware

An anti virus, anti spyware and Anti Spam system is also recommended to be installed on the fileserver. This will provide a centrally managed antivirus system for the business, which will also work out cheaper in the long run for the business. It will attempt to down load new antivirus update hourly from the internet and if necessary push them all out to any connected PC clients. The centrally managed system will ensure that all PC client workstations are up to date, and it will no longer be necessary to install and re-install licences per workstation every year, at different expiring intervals. The Sophos Small Business Edition, also incorporates a product called Puremessage which amongst other things provides an Anti SPAM email system engine for ALL PC workstation clients.


Off site PC’s can also be protected with this system.


Firewall & Remote Access

This task can be controlled  by a premium version of the Server Operating system Software or by using an advanced router.

Call Taribo (NIS Ltd) to discuss all your installation needs on 01727 238 788

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