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Taribo (NIS Ltd) IT Office Moves:

Relocation of Servers, Networks & Computers to a New Site.

A business may have to move office for a variety of reasons such as, end of lease, outgrown current site, downscaling or merging. Taribo’s qualified IT professionals have a wealth of experience in Installations Moves And Changes (IMAC), to assist you.


What ever the reason, moving a business to a new site can be, to say the least, stressful. The last thing a business needs when moving its servers, networks and computers is the moving company to damage these systems that are integral to your business.


Our Taribo (NIS Ltd) IT staff understand this and will shutdown, pack , move your IT systems to their new site, unpack and then set them back up carefully.


Even before this starts, our senior IT engineer will liaise with you to understand your server, network and computer and phone systems setup and how it will be relocated to the new site. Whilst the work is being carried out the senior IT engineer will oversee and make sure all the servers, networks, computers, printers, scanners and other electronic equipment has been relocated to the new site correctly and that it is all up and running when the staff arrive at the new location to work.


There may come a time when you need to move offices and relocate your business. This may be because your lease is going to expire and you are looking at better deals or the fact that your business has grown in size and your current office space is just not adequate enough.


Taribo (NIS Ltd) can assist you with your Office Move for whatever individual stages that you would like us to come on board for. We can provide the consultancy services for the entire operation if required, or any element required.

  • Office Cabling for Voice and Data, Cat5 and Cat6 cabling.
  • Electrical planning, plugs, UPS, clean computer use points Surge protection.
  • Data Room / Server Room air-conditioning.
  • Broadband Services.
  • Leased Line installations.
  • Phone Systems.
  • Email Diversion.
  • IP addressing changes.
  • System Dismantling.
  • System packing and transportation.
  • System re-assembly.
  • System Commissioning.
  • Joining Domains.
  • Data Migration.
  • Data or Email Archiving.
  • New Server Installation.
  • Migration to Cloud Computing

If you are looking to move your business to a new site, call Taribo (NIS Ltd) for a competitive quote on 01727 238 788


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