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IT, Computer, Server, Phones & Network Support List

Below is a list of just some of the IT services that our Taribo (NIS Ltd) experts can provide for you, the customer.


If you have a request for information about services that may not be listed here, please contact us by phone on 01727 238 788. Or click here for an enquiry form.


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Broadband Sharing Phone, Web & Email Solutions



A single ASDL broadband line is capable of supporting far more that 1 computer!


Taribo (NIS Ltd) have many examples of multi user systems sharing such a line. This means that for a single monthly cost of around £25, all of your communication costs for internet , for email and web surfing can be combined into this one fee. Taribo (NIS Ltd) has saved companies thousands of pounds by removing ISDN Lines and BT Home Highway lines and having the systems run over a broadband line. If your company’s systems demand a higher line speed, then please talk to us regarding ADSL2 and SDSL.


All broadband sharing installations implemented by Taribo (NIS Ltd) utilise Hardware Broadband Firewall's for protection.


Consultancy – On-site Network Survey



Understanding exactly what you require from your systems and network is a task in itself; Taribo (NIS Ltd) will make every effort to understand the exact requirements of your business and the environment in which it operates.


Whatever the size of your network, Taribo (NIS Ltd) can provide a comprehensive range of network design, implementation, support and management services to suit your specific requirements. Be it a totally new installation, or the enhancement of an existing network. Taribo (NIS Ltd) will advise on systems and project planning, carry out all detailed site surveys and recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for your organisation.


The potential for cost and efficiency benefits won by streamlining your business with well-designed and correctly implemented technology is tremendous!


Call us now to arrange a consultation and let’s realise your potential!


Computer Hardware Upgrades – Increase the Computer's Potential



Computer Hardware Upgrades are quite simple and usually cost effective to carry out.


Talk to Taribo (NIS Ltd) if you are thinking about upgrading your hard disk, a TFT monitor, adding more memory, a graphics card, a DVD drive, CD or DVD Writer, or any other type of Computer Hardware Upgrade. We can offer you advice on what products and software are best for you; we also supply and fit any items for you.


Computer Networks – New or Maintaining Current



Taribo (NIS Ltd) are happy to work on new or old computer networks.

We can maintain or add to your existing network, and can work on a ‘call us when you need us’ basis.
If you have old style computer cabling, or are looking for an upgrade to modern CAT5 cabling, Taribo (NIS Ltd) can help.

We have plenty of experience with structured cabling, patch cabinets, switches, hubs, routers, gateways and firewalls.

Our staff have much experience of working on Microsoft and Novell networks


Computer Software Installations – New, Upgrading or Recovering



If you are installing a new computer package, recovering from a backup, or upgrading an existing software installation, then Taribo are available to assist you!


If you have queries about any of the following issues Taribo (NIS Ltd) would be pleased to help:

  • Data sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Disk Space
  • Speed Performance Issues
  • Higher Memory Requirements, etc

Computer Software Upgrades – Installing Software on New PC



If you are installing a new computer package, recovering from a backup, or upgrading an existing software installation, then Taribo are available to assist you!


If you have queries about any of the following issues Taribo (NIS Ltd) would be pleased to help:

  • Data sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Disk Space
  • Speed Performance Issues
  • Higher Memory Requirements, etc

Computer Training – Bespoke IT Training



There are many formal IT-related training courses available from many specialist training companies.


But if you are looking for something a bit different - perhaps a bit of private training for a few hours on your chosen IT subject, with your own agenda, then contact Taribo. We can come to you, or you can come to us, for one to one, or small group training.


Email Systems – Implementing all Email programmes



Quite simply, Email is the way forward, both in business and at home.

Email enables you to keep in touch with a business or personal contact anywhere in the world, and at any time of the day. By adding an attachment to the Email message, documents, spreadsheets and pictures can also be send from computer to computer.


If you would like help with implementing an Email system for 1 user, up to 10 users, up to 50 users or more, then Taribo (NIS Ltd) would be pleased to help and advise you of the cost effective and appropriate way forward.


Firewall Security – Keeping Networks Secure



Talk to Taribo (NIS Ltd) if you are interested in a firewall to protect your systems. We are experienced with a range of systems to suit different applications such as Checkpoint Firewall1, Microsoft ISA, Broadband Router Firewalls and Software Firewalls.

Below is a simple explanation of why you may need a firewall.
When using the Internet, your PC is using a language known as TCP/IP to communicate with other machines.
To browse websites, you use port number 80.
To download files, you use port 21.
And Email moves along port 25.
But there are thousands of other port numbers that can be used, such as for web cams, voice, remote control, VPN, microsoft messenger, windows update, telnet etc.
Without protection - when you are connected to the internet - a computer hacker could abuse the open ports on your machine.
What a firewall does is quite simple. It allows you to block or enable access to the open port. There are both hardware Firewalls and software Firewalls, and Microsoft Windows XP offers a free software firewall hidden within a system menu.


Laptop Support – Driver Support and Configuration



This section has been dedicated to Laptop support. This is because they are more difficult to look after than standard PC's. Laptops usually require their own driver support and configurations to support the roaming user. Additional training and consideration needs to be given to the laptop user, to enable them to use their Laptop effectively when not in the office.

A strategy for virus updates and office compatibility may need to be put in place.


Microsoft Small Business Server – (SBS)



Microsoft's Small Business Server Operating system is quite simply a fantastic product for all organisations of up to 50 members of staff. It is a recommended Taribo product because so many free and useful software packages are included with the product when purchased.The Windows 2000 operating system controls your user logins and access or restrictions to file areas.
Network print control and fax sharing is also included.

Microsoft's Exchange server enables you to run your own email post office within your organisation. Internal and external email is there. With Exchange server implemented, you can also use shared calendaring, shared email public folders and MS Outlook is included if you do not run the MS Office Suite already.

Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) is also there, enabling you to have a feature rich firewall system in place and a proxy server to enable all of your network users to either share a single communication line, such as a broadband line to the internet. Email and web site URL logging is also available.

Remote access control is also there, allowing your IT support company to maintain your systems remotely or to allow your staff to pick up their email from remote locations. Remote drive mapping and VPN is also available so that users can login and access files on the network.

The only limitations with (SBS) are the 50 user limit and a 2nd backup domain controller server cannot be attached to the network.


Remote System Support and Telephone Support



There may be an occasion where a telephone call is all that is required to help you with a problem so that you can continue with your work. Taribo (NIS Ltd) are particularly good with telephone support, and especially so if we support the systems you use. It is also possible for us to connect to your server or workstation from our remote location to either repair or diagnose the fault without even being on site.


Talk to Taribo (NIS Ltd), if you’re interested in such a system or facility.


Server Maintenance –Upgrading, Fixing, Enhancing & Backing Up



Are you an office with a machine stuck in the corner known as a server?

Is your server running slow, out of storage space, or giving you problems?


Talk to Taribo (NIS Ltd) about looking after, fixing, upgrading, or enhancing your server. If you have not addressed the issue of Server Backups, Uninterruptible (UPS) Power Supply, Data Storage, Security, Printing or File access control then we can help.

Please Note: Many people do not know that you can limit the access to files stored on a server to certain personnel, such as accounts or personal data!


Twin Screen Systems – Ideal for Developers, Designers & Engineers



Do you have a requirement for two monitors attached to a single PC?


If you do then please read on. You may be a developer requiring two different screen resolutions per monitor, or a secretary requiring access to a package kept open all day while you continue working on something else. On these occasions, two PC's are not required; a second graphics card and a second monitor can be added to your existing system, enabling you to move your mouse simply from the left screen to the right screen, simply switching applications.


Wireless Networking – Ideal for Working at Home or in a Public Environment



Wireless networking can be used at home, in the work place, or in a public environment.

Whatever your application, Taribo can help with the setup, installation and security of such a system.


Working from Home – Bespoke Solutions to Suit All Scenarios



If the term home working conjures up visions of filling envelopes for a paltry wage, think again. Almost any job could lend itself to being carried out in your home, even if it is just for a couple of days each week. Many of the varied roles in the IT and Internet sectors, such as design, programming and development are ideal for home working, as they can be done remotely. The same goes for lots of jobs which use a computer. Other roles suited to home working include architecture, design, structural engineering, accountancy and auditing, consulting, journalism, typing - the list is extensive and varied. For most, it means making use of technology so that your home is as well-equipped as your office. PCs, faxes and laptops all help us to spend a few hours or days away from the office, while still putting in a full week's work.


Where can I find an employer offering flexible and home working options?
Some forward-thinking companies have realised that much of their work can be done remotely and advertise flexible working options to prospective recruits. Companies such as IBM and Accenture not only encourage home working, they also supply the equipment for it. But it is not just technology companies that make the most of flexible working. BMW, Shell, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nationwide Building Society and Marks & Spencer - and many more - also offer the option.

How to set up a home office
You can set up your home office from scratch for well under £1,000. If you rely on email and use of the Internet you will need a PC with a modem. You may consider a Broadband line, which is a high-speed Internet line allowing faster access to the Internet. Other essential items are a printer and a landline or mobile phone. If your company is unwilling to foot the bill, don't write the concept of working from home off completely. Consider the balance - will a reduction in your commuting costs help to pay for the equipment? PC - from £500 up to £2,000. The cost depends on how powerful a PC you need for your work Broadband Line - Now under £23 per month for a massive 512k speed line, with no extra to pay! Printer - less than £100 for a basic model.

The drawbacks:
Working from home can be an isolating experience for some people. Ask yourself if you are the type of person who thrives in a buzzy environment with lots of noise and chatter around you. If so, home working may not be for you. Spending time away from the office will distance you from day-to-day activity, so it is vital to keep in touch. Think of all those snippets of information you pick up during a week at work, from useful gossip about your clients and rivals to tip-offs about potential jobs. If possible, avoid a job where you spend all your time at home - try and get into your workplace for one or two days. It might be appropriate to arrange catch-up meetings with your boss or peers, just to make sure that you are kept in the loop. Also try to attend any major company events whether they are social or official. As well as keeping up to date, you'll remind everyone you're still part of the team.


If you are the Employer and would like us to set up your home workers’ connections to the office please talk to us. We are experienced with VPN and Firewall Access. If you are a potential home worker, talk to Taribo if you would like us to set up your office, connection and email for you.


Virus Removal – Computer Virus Attack Prevention System



Taribo (NIS Ltd) can offer the before, or after, service in the fight against computer viruses.

To prevent you getting infected, Taribo can install any of the top brand virus checking software to your system and schedule it to automatically download updates to keep your systems up to date. These can be for a single PC system or a networked environment.

Your email can be automatically scanned for incoming and outgoing viruses.


If you are unfortunate enough to already have a virus on your PC, Taribo would be pleased to visit, remove the virus and secure your systems.

Many modern viruses prevent you from installing a Virus Checker on your system. This can happen if prior to installing a virus checker you have become infected or have let your current virus checker become out of date. In this case we can still help.


Contact Taribo (NIS Ltd) to arrange Virus Removal and Protection!


Call Taribo (NIS Ltd) now for a FREE IT Consultation on 01727 238 788


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