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Taribo Hosted VoIP Systems PBX:

Hosted VoIP Systems.

Our hosted VoIP solution can provide you with a working phone system but  without having a physical phone system installed at your premises.

You can enjoy features such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voicemail, forwarding and more which can all be accessed from a control panel.


Do you have lots of satellite offices?
Perhaps workers from home?
Do you work from multiple locations?
Is your office limited for space?
Do you use a virtual office? Hot desk space?


IF the answers to any of these questions are yes, then you can benefit from the use of a Hosted VoIP solution.
In its simplest form, You can take a programmed phone from an internet location to another and plug it in and your phone and office extension will work.
If you prefer not to carry a phone with you, then you can use software on your laptop, or smartphone to use what is known as a “softphone”.


You can connect all your satellite sites with our hosted VoIP server,
You can make calls between all sites for free.
You can also use your smart phone has a handset when out and about.


Many of the features available by having your on in house VoIP server are available.
Please refer to this page for a full feature list.



Contact us if you have any specific questions regarding any features required, on 01727 238 788.


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