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Taribo (NIS Ltd) Cloud Services Highlights:

Hosted Desktops, Servers, Operating Systems.

We believe that cloud computing is the future, and therefore have invested time and money in trying to provide the best solutions for our customers.


Taribo (NIS Ltd) are offering different types of services which can be designed around your business requirements. Firstly we are able to provide hosted desktops, it looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but is accessible over the internet securely by any existing PC, laptop, IPAD or thin client. The desktops are customisable, so that users can design their desktop just like they would on a regular PC. It is also possible to have shared storage between all desktops which is secure and only accessible by your users.

If you have previously used Citirx or Microsoft Terminal Services, you may have found at busy periods programs can run slow or flash videos are difficult to watch. With Taribo (NIS Ltd), each user has their own dedicated desktop, which means you have their own resources that are not shared with any other user. We use a system called flash redirection, so you’re able to watch 1080p videos on YouTube seamlessly.

Hosted servers and exchange, your current server can be virtualised and put into the cloud, or a new server created. Servers are fully customisable to meet the business requirements and accessible by any internet connected device.


For more information on how Taribo (NIS Ltd) can set up a cloud computing server system for your company, please click here and fill in our form.


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