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Virtual Servers:

Virtual Servers Allow Mulitple Visitors Access to Aplications.

Virtual servers are ideal for businesses that want to share harware and software resources, that allows their staff to work faster and save cost on having to pay for multiple operating systems.


What are Virtual Servers?

Virtual Servers are powerful physical servers, split up into smaller "virtual" servers. Each "virtual" server runs its own seperate operating system based on the latest virtualisation technology. This technology makes the best use of shared hardware resources while totally isolated from other "virtual" servers on the same physical server. Threfore allows customers to login to a "virtual" server and use the operating system and applications, while not affecting other users who are using other "virtual" servers on the same physical server.


Why use Taribo Virtual Server?

Taribo has been in the IT technology market for over 10 years and follow closely all the latest advances in technology. Having your "virtual" server hosted at Taribo, you will get acces to a powerful physical server that can host all your "virtual" server operating requirements and as your business grows the "virtual" server can expand to the new developments. Using Taribo's Virtual Server Service is cost effective, fast running and has 24/7 support and helpdesk.


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